On June 11, 1945, St. paul College of Parañaque was founded. Responding to the invitation of the Parañaque Belgian parish priest, Reverend Father Adolf Cansse. CICM, to manage a girls’ high school in the wake of World War II and the Japanese Occupation, five SPC Sisters headed by Sister Anne Patrice Cahill (Irish) as Superior-Principal came: Sister Michaela Pateros (dormitory matron), Sister Teresita of St. Paul Soledad, Sister Teresa de Jesus Barot, and Sister Marie Therese Crisologo.

Classes were held in the St. Andrew’s Parish convent, adjacent to the parish church. There were n combats in Parañaque in the post-liberation period, but once in a while there were explosions somewhere in the distance which shook the old building and pellets of cement would crumble form the walls. The windows had no shutters except canvas cloth, and the stage for a flag ceremony and the distribution of cards was on an improvised stage near the old wooden convent-turned-school.

At the end of its first year of operation, the school ahd its first graduates: thirty-one of them. There were eight sections: one in the fourth year, one in the third year, two in second year, and four int he first year. Classes were held in half-day sessions in order to accommodate all the students. The fist yearbook was published int he school year 1948-1949 entitled “The Bell Tower Annual” its pages depicting the important activities and memorable incidents of the year.

St. Paul College, Parañaque became an ideal institution for the growth and development of young ladies since the school offered a curriculum for the total formation of the individual; hence, the increase of student population every year. To accommodate the increase in enrolment, several renovations and constructions including the location os the Sisters’ Convent followed.


Divine Providence has blessed St. Paul College of Parañaque since 1945. The Sisters and their lay fellow-workers continue to seek the direction and will of the good Lord in the years that follow.


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